Including my expedition??

  • 1. All meals mentioned in your program.
  • 2. All activities mentioned in the program.
  • 3. All transfers from the airport or terminal and return.
  • 4. Accommodation.
  • 5. Professional guide.
  • 6. Payments into the reserve and national park.


  • The luggage is taken in hand, at various stages of the journey at a good distance.
    We strongly recommend that you limit your weight to 15 kilos recommend.
    If you are visiting other destinations in Peru or South America that require different types of clothing, It recommended package separately. They can leave their extra luggage in our offices in Puerto Maldonado from day to avoid burdening what is not needed.
    Your luggage will be waiting in the office the day of departure.

What should I bring in my expedition?

  • • Binoculars, if you have one.
  • • Camera.
  • • Long pants, tightly woven cotton, and light colors.
  • • Light shirts or long-sleeved shirts, cotton tightly woven, light-colored.
  • • Mountain boots or hiking shoes and sneakers.
  • • Flashlight with batteries.
  • • Sunscreen.
  • • Sunglasses.
  • • Hat or cap.
  • • Raincoat or poncho for rain.
  • • Insect repellent.
  • • Money in small bills.
  • • Small backpack for everyday use.

Power and lighting

  • The hostel operates with 220 volt generator, and is operational from 6 pm to 9:30 pm, please take this time to recharge your camera batteries or anything you need recharge.


  • We offer natural spring water 24 hours a day. Please use water wisely. We advise not to drink the river water, lake or any of the taps. It can be found in drinking water dispensers in the hostel and jugs, and a variety of drinks available. All water offered by the hostel are bottles of mineral water bought in the city. We also suggest that you use this water to brush your teeth. Please use water wisely, we appreciate it.


  • Our rooms provide plenty of natural light and fresh air while providing a narrow but secure contact with the environment. Para su conveniencia Todas las habitaciones están equipadas For your convenience All rooms are equipped with mosquito netting on each bed is highly recommended to ensure your comfort and safety. We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible so we ask that you only change towels when really needed. After 21:30, we ask to lower the noise to allow all guests can enjoy the sounds of the jungle at night.

Soap and shampoo

  • According to our policies and experience, we know that people have different tastes in the use of these products, which will not provide them unless you really need it and agrees to use what we provide.


  • Thank God we do not have a phone available in our hostel !!, the idea is to disconnect from the world we call modern. Nor we have WIFI, but we assure you that the connection with mother nature is much better !!.


  • Breakfast time depends on the scheduled activity, but starts from 4:30 a.m. onwards. Lunch is served at 1:00 p.m. and dinner is served at 8:00 p.m. Please let us know if you are vegetarian or have special dietary requirements. We offer a special menu for children.


  • We do not offer this service, but if we recommend if necessary, some laundries in the city.


  • smoking, but always ask other customers if it bothers them or not; except when meals. Please do not smoke in the rooms, the dining room, on boats or during activities.

First Aid and Emergencies

  • In case of emergency we have a first aid kit that is equipped to deal with most reasonable cases that may arise in the area. Our guides are certified by the Red Cross, which means they are prepared to deal with foreseeable emergencies (broken bones or snake bites, for example), but not complex emergencies (such as appendicitis).

    For snake bites, poison and extractors have antidotes in the hostel.In case of evacuation, we have a system that will lead to health care in the shortest possible time, our staff has previous training to ensure the proper functioning of our system.

Medical Considerations

  • Yellow fever vaccine is highly recommended for travel to Tambopata.


  • Malaria is present but is extremely rare. If you want to take precautions against malaria, consult your doctor or a specialist in tropical medicine.

Safes and safety of its values and luggage

  • We ask that you keep your belongings and valuable documents with you. Do not leave valuables in plain sight. Also if you have food or candy please give them to guide him to keep. Do not let them out. This way you will avoid attracting insects and other animals. Ask the administrator of the hostel or guide to inform you if you want our staff will keep any belongings that can not load and that is valuable to you, our staff is honest and never got lost nothing, but prevention is better.

Rubber boots for issuing

  • there is provided the day it arrives at our office, if your size is greater than 44, please let us know we have to verify your size, but we suggest you bring your own size. You can use these boots for walking or hiking in the woods.Please remember that if you walk in and hostel facilities in order to avoid carrying mud to the inside, you should walk without boots or shoes with mud. Use only sandals, socks and slippers Limpias.


  • • (24C y 31C)
  • • The average low temperature overnight between 66 F and 78 F (20C and 24C). Cold fronts are from May to September.
  • • Cold fronts from Argentina can reach the southwest of the Amazon and lowering daytime highs to 50 ° F (9 ° C), and nighttime lows at 43 ° F (5 ° C). So this season is always potentially prepared for cold and drizzle. Rainy months - from November to April.
  • • No smoking in the forest or on the boat (which fuel load).
  • • Not to do a disaster.
  • • Do not spoil or disturb the wildlife - follow their guide during walks on the trails.
  • • Do not handle or collect wildlife, without proper authorization from the SERNANP. If you find injured wildlife, do not touch or collect, is part of the wildlife.
  • • Please separate the waste in appropriate containers. All non-biodegradable waste is taken to Puerto Maldonado. Bring your batteries do not let them back in the hostel.
  • • The hostel is highly flammable. Do not leave lit candles and locate the nearest fire extinguisher.
  • • Never go swimming in the river Tambopata without the company of your guide.
  • • You can only get out and stay on the trails with a guide. If you for some reason has turned away from your group and guide. You can return to the shelter with the help of the marks of the trails.
  • • Always wear life jackets and use lightweight shoes that are easy to take when you go into the pot. Never use rubber boots in the boat.
  • • Use boots during his evening walks. They reduce the risk of snake bites.
  • • When you want to take pictures of other tourists, ask permission.